How often should I text this girl?

I always text this girl first, she has never text me first except for the day we met. I've been told I'm a good texter so It's not like my texts ever get boring and in fact I have a lot of fun texting girls, anyway. She seems to like when I text her and says things like, "Oh okay", "can you keep texting?", and things like that whenever I say I have to go. So I was just wondering if this girls actually likes texting or would maybe rather have me call her or just wait till we meet again to talk. It would seem like she likes when I text her but I I'm not sure since she never texts me first.


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  • I'd def pull back a tiny bit. she should put effort in too!

    if she still doesn't text you first, maybe just throw out a simple, "text me tomorrow?" before ending a conversation? and if that doesn't work there's always the obvious, just ask her if you're texting too much, too often.

    How long ago did you meet? sometimes its a little odd when you meet someone and they instantly begin texting you everyday. you don't want to be a stage 5 clinger.(:


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  • You're a worm.


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  • You should let her put effort into texting you as well.

    Try withholding texting first, and let her do it.