Should I still take it slow, or is she OK now?

I was hanging out with this girl for a little bit of time, I am 25 and she is 21. She told me initially she was worried about getting into a relationship because she had been cheated on a couple times and wasn't sure she was ready. After our third date, she texted me "Im not ready" and then she wouldn't answer my phone calls that day. I gave up trying to call her, but then 3 days later she got back in touch with me and told me what she did was because she was scared. That was about 2 weeks ago. We have been hanging out and talking since then. Recently she has started getting really serious, talking about how she should get back on birth control, talking about how she wants to do stuff with me in the future, including how she wanted me to go to her nursing school graduation, which is over a year from now. Last night on the phone she told me I was the kind of guy she was looking for and that she wished we were dating. I asked her if she was asking to be my girlfriend, and she said yes. So I guess we are "official" now.

My question is, should I still be worried about rushing things with her? Should I be worried about her getting scared again? Or do you think that now we are "officially dating" it should calm her down and we are fine now?


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  • Just keep on doing what you're doing now. It's obviously working for her if it made her want to date you. So don't go all super affectionate on her all of a sudden. Don't try to be what you THINK she wants, just continue being the way you've been.


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  • i think that you should continue taking things slowly just because you wouldn't want to overwhelm her. Or maybe go at a moderate speed. I have been hurt before as well so when guys take things slow it is wonderful and it makes me think that they truly care for me.

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    • your profile is private, I can't find your question (or I'm looking in the wrong place)

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  • I'd still take it slow until she seems comfortable, I dated someone who didn't really feel like she was ready, then she said she was and a couple weeks in she freaked out a bit and we went back to kind of seeing each other, which eventually killed our relationship... although it was slightly more complicated than that.

  • Don't worry about things now. It seems that she wants to take it slow, and is very open to you about her future.