Was that a heads up for break up?

online date. went out 5 dates. he was patient with sex..till 4th date, the sex was great. He travels a lot...two days ago, decided to move his business back to his home state...he was trying to move to my state but it is too costly...he was here for 9 months and was trying to see if it would work to move here

decision was made while he was there in a big meeting, he told me right away about the decision...he won't be back here in a few more days...

was that a heads up for ending the "relationship"? if there is even one.


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  • It's not an end. It's just that he has lots of decision to make, and he will definitely come back.

    • yes he will be back next week, I was just wondering if its him trying to tell me that he will be leaving my city and maybe also that's it for us. I know I will see him next week...but it may mean a talk to not able to continue this..

      i do like him a lot and he also seem to like me a lot


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  • there really isn't a relationship if you have only had 5 dates and now he is moving so it will be hard to maintain

  • From what your saying it sounds like his business is making the decision for him and if he really liked you he would ask you to come with him. So just chalk it up as a fun ride and move on if he isn't coming back.