Why can't I move on?

I dated a guy for two months, we disagreed on a lot but we seem to have a strong attraction and liked spending time together. Things ended quick because of our differences. We still have each other on instagram and Facebook.He constantly likesmy pictures and status. We had our differences because he wanted to keep dating but wasn't ready for a relationship and I wanted one soon. I can't seem to get him out of my mind, it feels that I'm losing my mind just thinking we could have had something. I know this isn't healthy, we both had too many differences and I should move on, but I can't. I've had over a year long term relationshils and he is the only guy who has got me reminiscing and sad. Do you think he likes my instagram pics and status just to get my attention and for me to be all over him? I know he likes that type of attention. What am I to do? I'm losing myself in hopes to move on, I dated a guy twice recently but didn't work out. It's been 2months since the guy and I have seen and walked away from each other


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  • Why do you need to absolutely be in a relationship? Why can't you just date for a while? It's not like there's anything wrong with simply dating.

    • your right, there's nothing wrong with simply dating, except he said he didn't want anything soon, as in months. I've been single for a while, about 2years.I dated and been fooled that something was serious when it wasnt, so I feel I woukd risk what we have by just dating him without commitment and pay the price of him never taking things serious in the long run. you get me?


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  • It's because you put a lot of emotional attachment into him and you hoped that it will be for the long term. You should just seek out a new guy now so that you can easily move on from your guy.

    • Your definitely right, it's hard but that's the best way to move forward, thanks.

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  • why don't you try and meet in the middle with your differences? It sounds like you two had a good connection., only you wanted a relationship sooner than he. That's typical of men vs women. Why don't you date him for awhile but let him know you are still seeking a relationship and are not going to date him forever?

    • I thought about tha but I feel he won't take me us anymore if I give him what he wants, which is kind of like friends with benefits but exclusive. Then I'm going to end up hurt.