Should I try online dating?

Ok, so has anyone tried online dating? Is it worth a go or is it just used for a 'hook up' as one of my friend put it.

I was thinking of trying it, but I'm nervous and I feel stupid for feeling the need to find a guy online. Does this make me seem desperate? I'm not, I just wouldn't mind having a boyfriend who I didn't go to primary and high school with.

Any thoughts?


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  • For girls, online dating is great. Unless you're utterly ugly, you will get loads of messages, some from guys looking for casual relationships, some from guys looking for serious relationships. Even an ugly girl will probably get more messages than a good-looking guy. You'll come across all the usual confident guys, plus all the shy guys who are too scared to approach girls in real life.

    Try OKCupid or Plenty of Fish. They're totally free.

    • OK, you're not ugly, so forget what I said about ugly (but it would be true, if you were ugly).

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    • So if online dating worth it? Do you think I would find someone looking for a relationship?

    • Yeah, it's definitely worth it. You'll get a lot of messages. As I say, some will be from guys looking for a serious relationship, some from guys looking for more casual things. From what I've seen and heard, girls get anything from 100 messages a day to a few messages a month.


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  • It's OK for girls, sinc eon most sties guys outnumber them 10 to 1. But most of the profiles are faked, and a lot of the real guys who answer you will be right weirdos.

    And personally, I wonder about someone who advertises like that. What's wrong with meeting people in REAL TIME? You get some fresh air, AND a little flirtation!

    • I live 2 hours away from my nearest town/city so getting out to meet new people is very difficult and expensive.

  • I work in a job where I move about a lot and every guy I work with uses those sites to get laid and cheat on significant others... So I'd not really recommend it when I only ever see people abusing the system.

  • Online dating works well if you live in a big city and there are a lot of people roaming around.

    It will increase your chances of searching for a new guy.


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  • I have.

    I don't think of it as desperation. I signed up for it because I don't go out as much as I would like to, shy/quiet, and I don't come across guys that I went to HS/college with.

    • I live 2 hours away from my nearest town/city so getting out to meet new people is very difficult and expensive. So I thought why not try online dating. How did you find it? Was it successful? Did you enjoy it?

    • A friend suggest that I give it a try. OkCupid is the one that I used. - Yeah, it was a slim picking for me though because I don't live near a big city. Other than that, I'm glad I got to talk to the guys that I did.

      Take it lightly and see where it goes. Some guys are honest on there who are looking for casual sex.

  • i tried OKcupid and oh boy! all of them just wanted hook ups! although I got to know a guy for a good one month and I thought we were going to be good friends but ended not cause he became a little bitch cause I wouldn't give him the cookie! it all made sense now he waited that long so he could get in my pants. Met another guy, he was all sweet and romantic and then the day we met, yep gave up the cookie and no calls after.. but to be honest they are all damn good looking! haha!

    but if I were you just go eharmony or christian mingle!