Should I ask him if we're seeing each other and how?

I've been on a couple of dates with his guy and we've mentioned seeing each other again soon. He hasn't been on any other dates and neither have I, we met on a dating website. We actually slept with each other today, I just kind of want to know what we are and where were going. He said he's looking for more and so am I, were not dating anyone else so why date others?

Is it too soon for us to start seeing each other at least and how could I ask him? I wouldn't anyway because I like him but I don't know how he feels about me possibly dating and sleeping with other people but I kind of want us to be exclusive.


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  • Just remind him now and then that you like how it's going and that eventually you want something more if all goes well. But don't mention thi evertime you meet. Don't let more than 2-3 months pass without knowing where its going. I myself let 3months go by and when I mentioned a relationship, he got all weird and said he liked just how we were dating exclusively and not dating other people but that he didn't want a relstionship anytime soon, then he said, I don't really like labeling anything. So you'll find out what he wants soon or the hard way. Good Luck.


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  • You should just ask him.

    If you put a label into your relationship, you're just dating.

    • I said to him that if I'm seeing someone reguarly I don't see other people and was he planning on seeing anyone else, he replied and said "I've got nothing planned but working :)" I asked him what nothing means, and was he still planning on seeing me when he's not working and he said "nothing means no one and of course" but I replied and said glad to hear it and looking forward to seeing him but he didn't respond, when I text him this morning he just replied "morning ;)" Is he ok? I'm confused?

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  • you have only been on a couple of dates, so just chill, it isn't just up to him to make a serious decision as to where you are headed, its also your decision and after two dates you could not possibly know if he is the one. Date him a few months and when the fairy dust settles(lust) you will be thinking more clearly and will know if he is a good suitor for you and vice versa. One reason things end quickly during dating is because they start to quickly..slow your roll. Time will tell.