He started cuddling? Should I read into this?

I met this guy about 6 months ago and we began a friends with benefits situation... We have no friends in the same circle and made it clear to one another we only wants a casual non standard relationship. So we started with movie nights and now ... Skip the movie ha ha but usually talk until we start kissing and then things go from there. Once in the bedroom we have always had round one and then talk until he is ready for round 2. During this talking laying with one another period I am very touchy... Always have been whether I'm rubbing his arm back or stomach whatever I just like to have my hands on him. We also only see each other once every couple of weeks... Safer that way ;). Anyways last night he kind of threw me because in between he turned over and put his arm around me more than once and another time he moved indicating I should lay on his chest as wonderfully nice as it was... Well I am only so strong. He made the comment that he hoped I didn't mind him just laying in my bed and I said not if he didn't mind laying there... And all he said was obviously I mind. Lol anyways I'm probably just being overly female and over analyzing like I tend to do... But any thoughts?


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  • I don't see anything wrong here. As long as he still wants sex there's nothing to worry about.

  • You're not quite over analyzing things. You're still having friends with benefits situation and there's no sign of moving it forward.


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