My boyfriend's dating history has made me freak out...

I have to admit, I am totally not the most secure person. Honestly, I'm not very emotional and when things get to me I just hold them in inside... My boyfriend was being completely honest with me and I thank him for it, but I might be losing my mind, as well as my confidence. He is 21 and has date more than 50 women, 11 sexual relationships and 3 serious girls. I can't help but lose face to this. Of course he doesn't know I am freaking out on the inside. I'm not sure what to do now that I have lost my confidence :/ Any advice? Am I just being stupid?


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  • Well sometimes guys stretch the truth... At the same time if he is telling the truth then why have you lost confidence? If still liked any of his previous girlfriends why isn't he with them instead? Because he isn't interested in them, he's interested in you? It's not always peoples fault for their pasts, I've dated more people than I'd realistically want to, if it were up to me I'd meet the right person first time round, but it just doesn't work like that.

    • I see what you are saying... I'm just wonder what is keeping me from being just another number to the list


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  • 21 years old and 50 women ? lol... That guy is a f***in liar.

    You need to have some serious skills to get already 50 girls by the age of 21 (unless he looks much older and is VERY good looking and fit). And when you have those skills, you just don't date girls under 18. You date women of your age or older.

    I'm absolutely convinced that he is lying to you.

    • So if he looks older, good looking and in shape it's possible, because he fits the bill D: I'll just look at it as a lie (>.>)

    • Doesn't matter if he get girls thanks to his look or thanks to his social skills because in both cases, such amount of success would not make him dating an underage girl.

      It doesn't make sense. So he's lying.

  • 21 with 3 serious relationships AND dated 50 other women...BAHAHAH someone is exaggerating or lying through his teeth

    ...i think he's the insecure one...trolol

  • I don't blame you. If a girl had even half of those numbers, I wouldn't want her.

    That being said, a couple of users said that they think he is exaggerating, which is likely. Other users have said that you probably wouldn't be interested in him if he wasn't like he is. He is a valuable male to women, and if he wasn't, you would look for one that is.

    There's a reason why the nice guy, virgin types sit around complaining.

  • You're freaking out for no reason.

    If he wasn't a confident guy who knows how to interact with women, you probably would never have been attracted to him in the first place. And why would such a guy not seize the opportunity to date?

    The fact that he's dated 50 women but has only had sex with 11 (if I understand you correctly) actually shows a lot of restraint on his part. Clearly he has standards, if only 3 dates have led to relationships. So you should feel proud that he's chosen you.

  • You're quite over analyzing things. You're just scared that he might break up with you for a new girl.


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  • Well just mathematically speaking, if he had started dating at 15, on average each of his relationships would have lasted 44 days back to back. I don't really think that's a good foundation.