What should I do ? Mistake?

So I met this guy on a dating website. We talked for a month or so. Then we decided to meet up (it wasn't a date). We got along great. We kept on talking everyday after that meeting. We were planning on seeing each other again.

Then, I made the mistake of deleting my account because I was overwhelmed due to personal circumstances. I didn't give him notice. I was just gone. He saw I deleted my account. Then 4 days later, I decided to reactivate it to sent him a little Hi and apology message. He never responded but I know he read it. It's been two days. He usually responds right away.

Did I screw up? What should I do? I kinda like him.

Why is he not responding?

(Ps: I have his number and he has mine)


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  • Send him a text asking him if he got your message at the site and that you deleted the account in a spur of the moment and you were busy with other stuff. All you can do is apologize. If he doesn't accept them, for such a small thing that happened, he's acting a bit dramatic. It could be that he's still a bit pissed off, or that he forgot to answer it. I would just send him a text if I were you. Let him know that you do wanna keep in touch and meet up again.

    • Thank you for your response. I want to send him a text but I'm afraid of coming off as too clingy. Supposedly a woman should never appear to be too available ?!

    • Sending him one text for checking he got your message and apologizing isn't coming off as clingy nor too available.


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  • Shoot him a text, I wouldn't ask if he got your message off the bat but say somthing like hey how are you, just so he knows you have him on your mind. Don't go overboard though short and sweet .

  • No, you didn't screw him up. You should try to call him.


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  • If you're interested in this guy (whether as a friend or more than that) then just send him another message about catching up, whether online or through text.

    • Thank you for your response. My guess is since I already sent him a message, if I send him a text now ... I'm probably going to come off as clingy/needy/available, no ?

    • I don't think so. Not since your first message was just to explain your sudden disappearance. I don't think it'll be clingy or anything if you just send one more message asking what's up.