Should I tell my mom that I know?

I need advice! My parents are splitting up soon. My mom asked me to text something for her on her phone last night, so I went to her inbox to open a new text... but in her inbox I saw that she was texting someone and the message preview said "I miss you so much and I want you." So without my mom knowing, I opened the conversation and saw that they were sexting!

I don't know whether to just ignore it... I'm not planning on telling my dad because its none of his business anymore since they're divorcing, but it's bothering me? Is it okay to bring it up with my mom? The worst part was, the person's name is 'Ashley' and I don't know whether that's a woman or a man! I don't know what to do!



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  • I know it may feel awkward, but you need to tell your mom what you saw on her phone. She may feel a little mad you snooped on her phone, but it's not your fault, you stumbled upon when doing a favor for her. Make sure you highlight that, it was accidental, but ever since you saw it, it bothers you. Express your feelings towards her and I am sure she will understand. She is your mother after all.


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  • Just keep it for yourself.

    There are things some people would like to keep for themselves.


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  • Nope you better keep it to yourself so that wouldn't do more damage to their divorce