Casually dating a he even interested?


So I have gone on 6 dates with this guy in the last 2 months. He initiated the first 4 dates and I initiated 5 and 6. When I originally asked him if he wanted to chill for date 6 he said he was busy but contacted me to arrange another date. We text in between dates, nearly every other day (50:50 - we both initiate texts). He always drives an hour to see me and pays for our dates (I have offered to go see him and pay for dates but he won't let me!). During our first couple of dates we were seeing each other once a week but lately (around the 4th date) its turned into once every other week. I am beginning to wonder if this guy is losing interest since we are seeing each other less and because the times that we DO see each other are initiated by me asking him to chill...(yet, he always agrees to hangout, pays for the date and/or arranges another day if he can't)...


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  • He's not losing interest. It seems that he's just getting busier in life.


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  • That's tricky.

    I'd step back and let him start initiating.

    It sounds like he's interested since he's still hanging out

    but it also sounds like he's backing off.

  • Seems interested to me