Why is my ex mad if he doesn't want me anymore?

so me and my ex have been together for six years. we broke up a few months ago. we still text talk do basically everything we did when we were together. today I was riding with a guy friend of mine and I accidentally called my ex. after I realized it I hung up and he sent me a bunch of text messages asking who was I with? they must be more fun. :-) and oh yeah don't bother explaining I heard his voice. I don't understand. he broke up with me. why is he making me feel so guilty?

he doesn't want to get back with me but doesn't want me having male friends or talking to any other men. isn't that kinda backwards or is it controlling? I want him but damn its too many mind games!


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  • he probably thought you two were on the road to getttin back together,thats good he is jealous maybe he will step his game up now

    • hey you can say that again because my feeble attempt weren't worth a damn. he called me a liar and everything. I guess because I said I wasn't involved with anybody else. only time will tell.i'm kinda glad that happened in a way because I can either move on or he will realize what he's lost. either way something has to give lol

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    • :-) that's what I shoulda did. my dumb ass was like why you trippin I'm only going to grab some cigarettes. lol and then he musta felt total ownership then. I know he's pissed tho because he ain't textin back or sayin nothing. last thing he said was I only wanna talk to you if it's about our son. we got a 3 year old together too and I'm like I love you too. damn prick. lol

    • lol you go girl...hes so childish


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  • There are lots of emotions during a break up. Just let it go and it will all blow over.

  • That's because he still have feelings for you. You better ignore him.

    • so let him just go on his rampage and cut him off cold turkey? that sounds about right. I'm suppose to get our son from him today? should I send someone else to the door or should I just face the music?

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  • He wanted you to do nothing. Men expects after a break up women suffers, suffers so much that, they can't eat, can't go out, can't even live without them. Althought 6 years is a long time and I am sure it is hard for both of you. Maybe he thought you carried on and jelaous. Bec if he is the one who break up with you, he expected you suffer more :(

  • I think he is having some doubtsççgive him some space and some time too