How to get a guy to respond to a text or call?

i was thinking about texting this dude who hasn't responded to my texts (only texted him twice in 3/4 day period) a dirty text to see if he'll respond to it. I thought about saying something along the lines of...saying that I wanna give him a blow job and give some detail about how...just to get him to respond or see if he will. just met a few days ago. I don't plan on actually doing that to him unless I get to know him better or date him. but just thought of texting him that. what would he think if I did that? should I do that? I don't want to come off as a slut.

would it be alright if I texted him and said... I enjoyed meeting you. I had fun and liked the feel of your hands on my hips when we danced...?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Nah, ask him if you want to meet up sometime.

    Something modest. Nothing like "hey sup" or, "what are you doing?"

    Text something he'll have to get back to you on.

    Don't put your ass completely on the line if you don't even know if he's interested.

    Personally, when I have a girl that I'm not really interested in texting me,

    I don't care if she tells me she'll suck my dick while she feeds me Nachos, massages my feet, and lets me play Xbox.

    If I'm not into her, I'm just not, and I won't bite.

    Try to get him to hang with you again in a non-sexual setting.

    Don't coax him with sexual innuendos until he bends and agrees to hang because he's feeling just a tad bit more horny that normal that day.

    That's how you get taken advantage of, sweetheart.

    And don't text him compliments about how "sexy" he is or how you "liked the feel of his hands on your hips when you danced." Having only recently met, even that mild level of specificity may put some guys off and personally, it would make me a little uncomfortable. I don't know why, but I'm a bit shy.

    Either way,don't try to force it. If he's interested, he'll respond to a coffee date or something.

    But if he doesn't seem to be biting, just let it go.