How do I get rid of/tell this stalker girl that my boyfriend and I are dating?

ok, so this girl won't leave my boyfriend alone. She "KIK"s him and he never responds. I tried to tell her to back off and leave him alone because he doesn't like her, she's annoying and me and him are dating. That didn't work. she chose to lie to me and tell me him and her are friends, there not. she thinks I am lying and I am not, we just started dating this Monday. I don't know how to prove to her we are dating, and I just don't know how to get rid of her. she is annoying and can't take a hint at all. I feel bad for her but she needs to leave my boyfriend alone

I have never had this problem, and I want her to stop. can you please help me


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  • So far it seems like your boyfriend is doing just fine ignoring her all on his own. So maybe you can tone down the drama a little and just trust that your boyfriend wants to be with you and not her. Trust is huge in relationships. Acting super jealous and possessive is not attractive. Be confident and chill instead.


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  • Mmm have him block her if he doesn't he likes the attention he gets from her!