Would you date a girl who had goals or talks about getting her goals?

Would you like a girl who priorties are not and likes to party and spend money on so much money on her hair so you can look at her pretty


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  • Yes, I would definitely date a girl who has goals in life.

    A girl who's gearing for success and wants to succeed in life is quite attractive to my eyes, rather than that 10 girl who always party until dawn.


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  • I wouldn't date a girl who DOESN'T have goals.


What Girls Said 1

  • im a chick and I'm pretty sure guys like girls with goals and priorities, I mean no man wants a woman who spends all her time and money in the clubs and on her hair, most likely when they get married shell be spending all his money on clubbing partying , and clothes and hair. I mean if I was a guy I would go after a chick with goals not someone who won't be able to help with bills because she spent all her money partying and getting her weave did.