The guy I like never texts me but always talks to me in person?

He is so nice to me and flirty when we talk in person. All my friends say he likes me. I honestly think he likes me. He NEVER texts me first though. When I text him he replies but he is so short with me. I Haven't texted him in a while. I decided to yesterday and he didn't reply. I'm starting to question if he likes me or not or just playing games?


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  • Perhaps, he's not a texter. He's not playing games.


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  • Maybe he doesn't use his phone much and is one of those people who prefer speaking to people in person. You can't possibly know how he's feeling/acting through a text. Just because he seems pretty bland through text, doesn't mean he doesn't like you at all. You can't show expression/emotion through texts.

    I'd put it down to him preferring interacting with people in person. Those kinds of people do exist. If he's nice and flirty with you in person, then he probably does like you. If you want things to work out between you two, keep most of your interactions in person rather than in texts.