I moved on and he's pissed??

He's going around acting like I cheated or betrayed him? the fuq?

we were BARELY dating. he didn't treat me like we were dating. he was seeing other girls on the side and he was ignoring me big time. So I drifted away and moved on to someone who would take me out on dates and treat me like a lady. I didn't officially end it with him because I didn't even feel we were really anything to begin with... Should I just ignore him?


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  • Sounds like your making an excuse for yourself for cheating on him. You say you didn't officially end it with him, I read that as you were to weak to end it or too scared. Your statement makes you sound like a strong person but I have a strong feeling you are anything but. Take your own advice and ignore him for sure as you've already found your 'new' guy (even though you found him when you was with your ex), but it sounds like to me your trying to find sympathy for the guilt and pain you've caused.

    There are so many examples of what your doing on this website so don't think your a special case. Women statiscally in there 20s have 'grass is greener' syndrome, typically affecting long term relationships. Put yourself in the position of your ex, if you found out your girl no longer loves you and is sleeping with another guy how would you feel? Be honest with yourself and ask did you do anything wrong? You will probably say no which is fine as I can't change your values and integrity, but personally I think you handled the situation poorly, if you broke it off to him, say you no longer love him and you should brake up first, then look for someone new, I'm sure he will have more respect for you than now. And possibly you might still be friends.

    What I have realized is that some girls are extremely insecure and they wish to have back up guys ready to jump ship so there's always a safety net, which is what this sounds like and I'm sure it is.

    I don't wish for anything bad of people as its pointless and silly, but I think your going to feel pretty stupid once you realize that actually the grass isn't that much greener, and that your current boyfriend was only saying the right things to you to get into your pants.

    Another question I would love for you to answer is have you told your current boyfriend that you was already with someone when you dated him? Does he realize the implications of this? Did he consent to it, if he did how the heck the two of you can trust each other is beyond me.

    Your question caught my eye, I don't mean to be mean I promise you that, I welcome your response in eager anticipation.

    Ps to everyone who thinks the ex boyfriend is a jerk because the way he acted, ask yourself is his actions really that unusual? Why would he suspect cheating was involved if there was no reason to? I think this story is completely one sided and even though it's not possible to hear the other story hopefully I have tried to balance the argument so it's more 'fair'.


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  • Men are like dogs that's why there is the saying a dog is a mans best friend because we're a like he thought of you like a squirrel something small, fragile, eazy to manipulate, so he did... for a while but as man and dog are we believe we have marked our territory we leave not thinking it could get up and move, be its own person (get peed on by another dog) he is only snapping at a chain he hung on his own neck (he deep in his mind a dark place where women do not go he is slowly understanding he screwed up and is mad at himself and you.

    So become his owner tell him he did something wrong rub his nose in it find him with that girl running around on you with and confront him about running around on you most girls won't stay with that person anyway your really doing that girl a favor

  • You should just ignore him. He's being a jerk.


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  • Good for you,IGNORE the heck out of him.He's not worth your time.