What do you think of dating websites?

In your experience are dating websites any good? I've never gone on one but people seem to be raving about them. Anything to say about them?

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  • Well, it depends on what you're looking for.

    It's pretty much the only way to get the shy, sensitive type of guy, unless you're willing to approach such a guy in real life.

    But you have to be willing to go through a lot of messages and read the profiles. Otherwise, you're just missing out on some great opportunities while at the same time wasting all that time/energy/effort.

    If you want to attract high-quality guys, spend a good one or 2 hours writing your profile. If you upload a profile with just a picture and maybe a few words talking about how much you like shopping, don't be surprised if you attract low-quality guys only, because that's a low-quality profile that presents you in really bad light. Even the profiles that aren't that bad are often really generic. I've done a little online dating, and the funny thing is I see profiles that have been up for months and the girls still haven't found a good guy. Reading their generic, shallow profiles, I'm not surprised. Write a good, intelligent profile and you'll actually repel douche bags.


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  • You're going to get a flurry of negative comments on here.

    Guys are going to tell you it didn't work for them because they sent maybe a grand total of 10 messages and got no response, that probably consisted with a bulk of text like "Hey." and nothing else.

    Girls are going to chime in about how dating sites are for losers with no social skills, no lives, or no time on their hands. That or they'll give the usual paranoia about how every guy on the internet is a rapist who wants to lure you out with a date, but in fact stuff you into his white nondescript van.

    I'm calling it now. This is what they'll say, or they'll give some variant on this.

    I have had a lot of experience on dating sites, myself. I have gotten a lot of dates, and a few girlfriends on there. Some of them were relationships that last a few months, some that last maybe a couple weeks. But personally, I call that a mixed success. In a way, it's a lot like regular dating. You put yourself out there, you let people know who you are, and what you're about, and you get to know each other. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't.

    In my opinion, the advantage to this is you both get the opportunity to get to know each other on some level, even before meeting. This means you can shut things down a little easier, if you don't like where it's headed. You can also see if a person has someone has common interests, or things to talk about even before you talk to them. (Assuming they filled out their profile.)

    Also, for a guy like me, it makes things easier, because it means people can get to see my good qualities in advance. Which is a perk, because a lot of people can get intimidated by me, based on things like my size, posture and voice.

    I've spent a few years on different sites, and I used to use them for dating. Now I'm only on OKcupid, and only because I am using it to make friends, as my social circle is getting smaller. All my friends are moving away, or getting buried in schoolwork or their careers, family, too. So I'm on there. I've made a couple of friends.

    So from my experience on these sites, is that yeah they're effective depending on which ones you go to, and what you're looking for. Also depending on if you filled everything out, and put in a little effort. But yes, effective, depending on what you're looking for. In my opinion, getting sex is easy as hell. Getting a date, almost as easy. A relationship is a little harder, but then again that holds true for both on and off the internet. Making friends can be hard too.

    All in all, this sounds a lot like real life, don't you think?

  • Too much dishonesty. Not only are the users liars about their true self, but the companies themselves are not sincere. They hire men who create fake female profiles and have them chat online just to get men to pay for their services. Men and mostly women who are genuine are looking for the perfect thing, even on those sex hookup sites. The honest folks are old and ugly as hell and have way too much drama in their lives. For every one good profiler, ten are messed up in one form or another. There are other facts such as female college students who posts a profile either for sick laughs or for research. Men usually just post pics of their genitalia. And way too many people use fake photos.

    Not worth it anymore. Yet once in a while, I'll tease myself into looking at one only to back out before I submit.

  • I don't like dating websites, I like to meet girls the traditional way, offline. However, I keep a profile on a free dating website just in case.

  • too much damn competition

  • I am too lazy to make them worth anything to be honest. They require upkeep and I forget about things I am not paying for.

  • Okcupid is exactly that - just "ok."


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  • They may be raving for now...but when those late nights come...they'll be craving and the one they're raving about isn't available...;however, some of them enjoy the (ONLY) emotional affair which makes there sex affair at home better...NO STRINGS ATTACHED.

  • In my experience no. Guys arnt sincere about finding someone serious

    • Yeah, neither are girls. But that's not exclusive to the internet.

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    • People dis the internet, but I find people often forget one thing, you know what that is?

    • Oh AU that's such crap - I'm the most sincere and genuine guy on the planet, and no woman cares about that...