When we stop dating but he tells me not to cut him off...?

Dating this dude for a few months, then we both decide to end it 'cause he's not willing to compromise the long distance thing (it's only an hour, not even a big deal, but whatever...shows he doesn't think I'm that special, so why waste my time...anyway!).

So then he says, "Don't cut me off. If you ever need to vent or talk just call me up." I was like...wtf. We're not going to date anymore but you want me to hit you up whenever I feel like it? He knows my style is to completely cut ties when I "break up" with someone, and he doesn't want me to do that. I ain't some boy's option, so no way will I ever contact him. Already deleted his number and everything.

So guys, why would a dude tell me not to cut him off, when we're both done dating? It's stupid.


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  • Everyone needs to be love in this world. A man has how many women for glory. You delete him for he is a blow to his confidence.


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  • A guy I dated did that too. It's a kind of 'no hard feelings' thing that you can't really even take seriously. Just screw the arse that just wanted an easy time, he wouldn't be a good partner anyway.