Should I wait for her to text me?

Scenario: This shy girl I like is sending lots of mixed signals (been so for the 2 months we have known each other). Yes I asked her to hang out, and no she does not give a straight answer although she says she wants to hang out. Stares into my eyes when ever I walk towards her in a group. Glances at me off on too. She also goes through phases of ignoring me in person and over phone.

But class is over and we will not see each other again. We recently finished a conversation via text, and to be honest I am just tired of trying to figure her out.

Should I just wait for her to text me? We have not gone more than 4 days with out her texting back before.

Or should I try a "good morning" text? I sent two "good night" and she liked the first one but did not acknowledge the second.


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  • Shy girls are hard to talk to.So you need to talk to her in person if you like her go for her.I think she likes you maybe you should be the first one to take the secend step you just can't keep on sending her texts. Also reminde your self to stay calm and relax.

    thak you,

    hope this helps


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  • If she looks at you a lot she is definitely interested. However it's hard to tell if shy girls are attracted to you or not so you should definitely text her first.

  • if she is shy like you mentioned, don't wait her to text you first :)

  • ohkay.. some girls like it when a guy chases them, text first blah blah

    tell her how you really feel, if she felt the same she would tell you but if she didn't she would reject you

    get it over with, girls are hard to figure out, sometimes I can't even understand myself x_x

    but I know what a girl wants, text good morning or good night, show a lot of interest and just spit it out

    make it a lot easier for the both of you

    good luck


What Guys Said 1

  • Yes, wait for her.