I feel like he's not really into me?

There's this guy I used to like on and off. I haven't talked to him a few months for whatever reason but we started texting again and he wanted to hang out. He told me to text him (even though in the situation he should have texted me because of his schedule that afternoon). I didn't. Something came up. I texted him later and he said he was really disappointed and seemed kinda annoyed even. He wants to try to hang out this weekend now. The thing is? HE WILL NEVER TEXT ME FIRST. I have to make the plans, I have to text him, etc. I have to chase him. I even told him straight up he could have texted me before about our plans and he said he was too lazy to text. I don't understand him. He seems to want to hang out with me, but only if I set it all up...


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  • He's not that interested in getting to know you so that usually means he just wants to hook up.

  • he wants to hookup. simple