Dating a fat girl?

There seems to be so many different opinions about dating a fat girl, and I guess I'm wondering where the guys on this site stand on that?

I'm a big girl, and while I do get hit on pretty often, it's either by guys that I would never date, or I get hit on by a guy I would actually date, but when I try to take it further they usually resist. I'm a great girl and I have a fun, outgoing personality! And these guys hit on me when I'm having fun, laughing with friends, etc. But when I realize they are hitting on me and I try to reciprocate, they usually back off. WTF?


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  • if they were "hitting on" you, they would not resist your advances. it doesn't work that way, unless you happen to be hanging out near a mental hospital. You are misinterpreting either their interest or their disinterest.

    • HAHAHAHA! It's funny that you say it only works that way around a mental hospital. Honey, I work in Hollywood in the film industry, it's one giant psych ward. That's probably my problem right there....

    • Well from your question I thought you were talking about something that happened during a short period of time, like he flirts with you in the morning and in the afternoon runs away. but in your comments you said it took a over a month. that's different, in a month god knows what happened or who else he mer. it some guy you like approaches you, get em while they're hot if you know what I mean.

  • I personally like bigger girls. I don't like the skinny girls for some reason. I don't like having sex with those skinny girls either...I kinda feel like I am going to break them for lack of a better They are a little more flexible, but I still prefer you bigger girls. Now on the same note I don't want an obese girl either. I don't like having sex with skinny girls also because they are a little boney in

    • Your later response indicated he did this during a project. Could he have been doing this to get you to take on more responsibility for this project? If so, he was playing games and using his charm on you.

  • i love big girls. skinny girls are gross to me its like having sex with a chop stick ha. I find big girls very hot adn to me its the bigger the better ...well up to a certain point. I am a ass and legs guy and being in between some big sexy thighs is the best


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  • As a bigger girl I have not had problems dating guys. It just depends on the guy. Just as there are men out there who prefer skinny women others prefer bigger women. As long as you are happy and healthy that is all that matters.

  • your question is too general... you needa b more specific...what kind of things to they say or do that makes you think they're "hitting on u", and then give me an example of something you would say back to "take it further" and then also an example of how they "resist"...

    • Well, for example the last guy I was interested in-I worked on a short project with him in October, and he would always come sit or lay out in my lap, ask me for massages, and he would always try to stand really really close to me whenever he had the chance, and when he was working in a different area he would always happen to show up wherever I was whenever he had the chance. He would stare at me, always looking in my eyes, and he would randomly say the sweetest things, like....

    • "You're the highlight of my day", and jokingly asking me out for a drink (as if he was drunk). I knew he was into me, I could feel it and I have friends who worked on the same project who told me they could see it, could see how into me he was. So I flirted back, not too heavily though. The project ended in November, and we emailed a little bit back and forth, just light and friendly. Finally I just asked him if he wanted to hang out sometime, and he just gave me the 'busy' excuse.

  • Guys can be shallow. I have been treated so differently once I gained weight. Not a good feeling. I think dating is much better when you aren't big. When I was thin I used to have guy friends that would say really awful things about fat girls so I definitely believe the weight aspect plays a huge factor. Guys seem to try harder and put more effort into skinny girls. They think if you're fat they can have you on standby or something

  • If they act like that around you then they are not worth it. I am someone who thinks personality is more important over looks. Yes you have to be attracted to someone but the personality is more important. I also find that people who are great looking do not have a good personaility and are bitches not nice to be around.

    You will be fine and you will meet a nice guy who will like you for who you are and give you the respect that you deserve. Just carry on having fun with your friends and keep your self busy. Guys who act like they have with you are just not worth the time and effort.