Did this happen to you guys? after dating a dozen of girls you finally found your soulmate?

mean could thid possibly happen, after having a heavy past of relationships and wild sex life to fall in love with a virgin who had no real sex life before ? my boyfriend says that I made him forget all his past with women and that am the greatest and purest woman he had ever met. he sais he wants to marry me and he didn't try to sleep with me. we're together since 14 months and we are planning to get married next year. I am arabic and arab girls stay virgins till they get married. but the problem is I don't really know if he's telling the truth about forgeting his nasty past because of me. could a girl change a guy till this point?


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  • ALSHALAH only knows, his past is past, let the dead past bury its dead, if you are his soul mate and he realizes this who is to say he is not being honest. Do you think it is a good thing to stay a virgin? experience is a great thing although I know you could be killed under Islamic law for crimes against sexuality if you were a slag, which I am sure your not. stay safe my good lady.


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  • The only problem with marrying as a virgin , is that once you do get intimate you won't know if you will be compatible with each other in bed,he has experience , you don't...you may not like sex with him,then you will be stuck,arabs are not the only ones to follow the no sex before marriage tradition,many other cultures have that same mindset,accept many have realized that just because you marry a virgin it doesn't mean the marriage will be forever,sex is not the glue,that is old thinking.Sex is only a part of it...can you live together in harmony? will his past be an issue for u? it seems to be one now..u will always wonder in the back of your mind.