I am unsure if I should give up with shy/insecure girl

So I have known this girl for a few weeks, She has always been nervous around me and has been hot/cold. We text some although she never starts the conversation but tries to prolong it most of the time, but some of the time she just stops responding for a few days. I am pretty sure she likes me as she is usually starting into my eyes (sometimes smiling) and said she wanted to get together. But she does not respond when I invite her somewhere.

She also expects me to double text sometimes for her to respond sometimes? Anyways, should I just stop texting her to see if she initiates text or should I keep pushing and hinting that I like her? Or should I just come out and say it? Or something else?


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  • Shy girls are just like that mate, I'm in the same situation. This girl I've known for years used to contact me first and then suddenly stopped. But she did tell me that the reason she stopped was because she was scared of pestering me when I'm busy.

    Maybe this is what happens with your girl, she may just be overcome with shyness and can't grow the guts to contact you first.

    You should meet up with her or if not try and make her feel more comfortable.

    Good luck.


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  • don't give up on her, she's obviously just shy. She clearly doesn't think she has a chance with you, I think you need to do something drastic, like send her a text saying you like her and yo'd want to go to the mall sometime. Trust me if you like her she's worth the struggle.


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  • Don't give up.