What is wrong with this guy? And my friend?

So when I first started texting this guy, he would respond quickly but then we started texting everyday and today he has not responded in four hours. I use to like him but now...not so much.. He just takes so bloody long to respond to ONE text.

Same thing with my female friend. She takes more than four HOURS to respond to my text because she is busy texting her girlfriend.

What should I do? I have decided to go cold turkey on both of them. I refuse to respond to either of their messages (IF they respond). If they want to talk to me, they can do it in my face. (we hace school together) Jerks. Is this a good idea?



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  • Maybe they just don't like texting, like me. Four hours isn't long. It's often taken me a week to reply to my friend because I'm busy, I forget, I keep getting distracted, I forget what I was going to say etc. It's not a big deal to be honest. At least they do end up replying to you. Why is it such problem if they end up replying? They haven't ignored you like your doing to them.. I can't concentrate on texting several people at the same time. You have to realize not everyone is able to multitask and it does get quite boring/ time consuming texting all throughout the day. You do need to take a break to actually do other things and live you life rather then being glued to your phone. That's my opinion anyway. I'm sure others could differ


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  • Uh, this is the juvenile "they hurt me so Imma hurt them back" game. It won't end well.

  • There's nothing wrong with them.


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