Ever had an awkward first date with someone, but went on to continue to date them?

I feel like in my last date, I tried to be lighter than usual and not go into as deep a conversation. It was a switch up from my previous dates where there was more conversation, but that wasn't getting me enough success, so I tried something different this time.

However, I feel like this lent a little awkwardness to the date (though I feel like most first dates are awkward, even with people you are comfortable with if it's the first time you're hanging out one-on-one). Has there ever been a case where you went on to continue to date a person after an awkward first date?


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  • No, not really. I mean, I went on a date with my ex once. It was a little awkward since we hadn't spoken in months, but by the time we got to where we were going, it was not awkward at all. We have been dating for 20 months now.

    I went on a date with a guy who told me he loved me 60 seconds after meeting me (blind date) and wanted to buy me $1500 worth of jewelry. I did not see him again. That was way too strong of a come on. Plus there wasn't much physical attraction so it was basically a lost cause.


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  • It depends on what was making the date awkward.

    Usually, no. I end up telling them 'It was nice but I'm no longer interested.'


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  • It's always awkward in the first date.