Help me to read this guy

Ok so I met this guy one night at the local and I have to say I am not looking to meet anyone. He approaches me twice I try tell him not interested, he keeps trying, in the end we really click and have a good the end he very drunk so I put my number in his phone thinking he probably won't he does and texts next day, we meet up again a few days later, another gear night, then next few days seem weird, I go out text him while I'm out, then weekend comes he hasn't text a lot like weekend before, then out of the blue invites me to his mums house for drinks with them and friends.what am I missing is he interested and I'm just wanting him to be more attentive than he is...I must also mention his dad passed away recently so he said it affects there anything in this?


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  • Seems like he likes your company, but he also is pulling away a little. I think he's still in the mode of trying to get to know you. Give him time, if he grows to like you he'll give you attention. Also it's still too early to tell. Good luck!

  • It's difficult when there's bereavement because behavior can change quickly. If you like him, maybe go. You just have to be careful as you don't want to hurt him whilst he's dealing with his fathers death.