Is it a turn off when a girl is kinda" masculinely affectionate" towards you?

I just made that word up but its like the only thing I could think of.

There is this guy I used to date. I would tell him things that I wanted to do with him or to him. I'm not necessarily talking about sexual things. I mean stuff like:

Grab his or hold him by his waist. Like I want him to lay in my lap between my legs and cuddle that way ( I'm not sure if you could on side that cuddling. You know, like just randomly slap his butt. Rub his legs, take him out on dates etc. Or sometimes I just want to make the first move, grab the guy, etc etc

He used to tell me "Thats a guy's job," or "Guys do that, not girls." he was kidding but serious. I can understand what he was telling me, but its not like I was trying to emasculate him. It's how I am, I do like some masculine things but I'm also very feminine. so yea


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  • I guess it depends on the guy. Some guys like rigid gender roles and don't appreciate when someone defies them.

    Personally, I like "masculinely affectionate" girls. You sound pretty awesome. Don't be afraid to be yourself. Find a guy who complements your personality and enjoys and returns your advances, don't hide who you are to suit a guy you're not compatible with.


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  • That's not a turn off for me. It's quite romantic if you ask me. I wouldn't mind more girls doing that tbh.

  • It's not a turn off at all.

  • I would like that a lot actually


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