Am I trying to see her too much?

I have dated a woman I was introduced to 3 times. (I am 43 she 37) All the dates went great. Talked forever, kissed passionately at the end, we talk about getting together soon. However, getting her to commit to the next date is like pulling teeth. Our dates have been on average two weeks apart. Granted we are both very busy and have crazy work schedules. I really feel she likes me but want to see her more often so we can let this develop. We don't talk on the phone and really don't text much either. Is she seeing someone else too? Or am I just expecting too much too soon?


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  • It could just be that she is really busy. She's obviously interested or she wouldn't have gone on a second date let alone a third. Whether or not you're expecting too much I can't've been getting positive feedback from her so your expectations are based somewhat on that. There's also now way to guess whether or not she's dating someone else. She could be, but she could also not be. How do you contact her when trying to organize another date? Maybe another way would be better. Does she seem responsive when planning another date?

    • We call sometimes or more commonly text, and it is all sort of on her terms. For example if we might get together Friday, I will send a text or call and then get no response till about Thursday when she will let me in on what might work. She always seems rsponsive and wants to get together again, the "when" seems to be the sticking point. For instance at the moment I know we want to get together but I don't know her schedule, she does know mine though.

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    • That's a good idea. Keep trying to accommodate her. If you find that after awhile she isn't responding or "cooperating," back off a bit and let her come to you.

    • Thanks for BA! Hope it works out :)


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  • she's busy ... if you want things to happen quicker... make time to see her. Like seriously make use of how much little time left in that weekend

    • The issue isn't me making time, it's her letting me know when she is available. I make time in my schedule when she let's me know she might be free. Unfourtnately that isn't as often as I would like.

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  • You're reactions are normal, but I wouldn't write off a good thing because of the uncertainty. There are all sorts of possible reasons for her behavior besides the possibility that she's seeing someone. If practical solutions that you offer don't work time and again, perhaps when you're closer you can ask if there is more going on with her than just being too busy.