First date with this girl

So, I've finally mustered up the courage to ask this girl to go on a date with me and she said yes -yay!

We're going to an amusement park about an hour away from where we live. What are things I should be and shouldn't be doing?


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  • This is going to sound really cliche, but just be yourself. Don't try to push things along or anything. You're lucky that you're going somewhere where you won't need to sit and talk to keep things moving, so that was a smart move. I always feel like the first date is to make it so you feel comfortable together. The second date is more of the talking date where you get to know everything about them. Just be cool and don't be too clingy or personal.

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  • For the ride there make sure you play background music so it doesn't seem awkward when there is silence. Be yourself, talk about your interests even if they seem strange, she needs to know these things now plus it will make her comfortable to tell you about herself as well. At the park if she is scared of a ride, comfort her, grab her hand or put your arm around her. If she is looking at a toy or stuffed animal and commenting on how cute it is, she wants you to try to win it for her! As for saying goodbye, it all depends on the signs she gives throughout the day, if she is flirting back and showing interest give her a simple kiss on the cheek goodbye. Kiss on the lips is too much for a first date, unless she goes for it. Hope it helps! Have fun and good luck =)


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  • If she has a good time with you go for the kiss on the first date.