His he interested in me or not?

I met a guy Saturday night and we had some drinks at the bar. We talked about possiblitlies of us being together but since we were drunk I said "let's just have fun tonight and see if you text me tomorrow" he said okay and we had a blast the rest of the night. On Sunday he texted me that hee had fun. And I text back Monday afternoon. ( I didn't get the text until Monday morning on my way to work) but now he hasn't responded to my text. Why? Is he actually into me or was it just a game?

Today out of nowhere he sends me a text that says "hey" and then I reply and then nothing.


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  • I think he's into you - because if he wasn't he wouldn't have texted you in the first place. I would imagine he thinks you may be playing a game with him since you took a long time to reply to his text. He may do the same and wait a while before texting you back so he doesn't look too eager since by replying late, you sent him a message that you weren't that excited about talking to him. (Even though that may not be the case).


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  • I'm on the other side of this coin right now. Text him back and see what he is doing in the next couple of days. Be up front so he knows your not just trying to "chat"

    • Call him and see what he is doing tonight.

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  • I would guess what due to your late reply he feels like you weren't that interested but if he truly is, he'll reply regardless.