URGENT! Really nervous for a date in 2 days, any advice?

In taking my long time crush out for dinner on Friday I'm 18 and she's 17, we've been friends for a few months now and I've been wating for this chance forever. I'm really nervous cause she's really pretty and just an overall great person, I feel like ill be awkward and run out of things to say and end up disappointing her. How do I get over my nerves? What are some backup topics? Or tips to make a good impression romantically. Thank you for reading :D


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  • Awwww, you sound really sweet :) Which is a great start. To be honest, women do like to talk, so if you give her a good conversation topic, she can probably carry the conversation really well :) Try to be funny, but also make it a mature kind of funny (unless you both like the more vulgar stuff). If youve been friends for a while, try to ever so slightly make it clear that this is indeed a date :) Open the doors for her, (offer to) pay the bill, simple things like that. And don't stress too much about it :) You won't disappoint her (she's already agreed to the date, that's the hard part :P). If you ask her questions about her job or something you two have in common, the conversation should start and things should flow naturally. But for general date tips you don't want to forget (just in case) order reasonably neat food and eat it in a reasonably neat way (no bbq ribs or anything), don't talk about the weather unless it's actually something cool :P and be a gentleman. As long as you have fun (and you should! Dates are fun!) she should have fun :)


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  • Well if you've been friends for a while then you're probably already comfortable around her when not in the context of a date, right? So just pretend you're going out as friends to relax yourself and treat her how you normally would! For it to be a date that's all you'll need to do, plus some flirting. Be playful with her. Ask questions but don't interrogate. When you flirt, give her a compliment, maybe some flirty touches, teasing, etc. Just remember that she's the same girl you've been friends with, and she's just a person too! No need to be super nervous :) She must have agreed to a date for a reason!


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  • masturbate a lot it'll help relax you.

  • People feel they bond more deeply when they are the one talking, as opposed to the one listening, so get her to talk by asking her questions that require more than a yes or no response. Most people prefer to talk about themselves anyway. She gets to talk about herself, and she feels like she has bonded with you. Don't ask questions about religion, politics, or anything else that could upset her.