Why did this guy give me his number and never texts me or text back at times?

I known this guy since we were kids. Well recently we have started talking on Facebook. We sometimes text, but seems as if he only wants me to text him if he sends me a message on Facebook. The second time, I text him and we talked for a couple hours, it's been about 4 days since then. He told me that last time he forgot to save my number in his contact list and said for sure he'd save it now. I haven't heard from him and I don't dare to text him. The oddest thing is that before we happen to talk, I have dreams about him. Both times before we talked on Facebook and turning it into texting, I told him I had dreams. He asked what the dreams were of and I told him about what both dreams were about. The second dream was just two days before we talked on Facebook. I told him in that second dream we were talking and all of a sudden I kissed him on his cheek. I don't think he liked that because he changed the subject or didn't know what to say. Why would he take my number and just not try to text me? Both times on Facebook he was the one who wanted me to text him and I did. What's up?


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  • It seems he was busy or given his number wrong.


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  • You came on too strong. You should never tell a guy "your dreams" or give him any insight into what you are feeling until you know for a fact that he is feeling the same way. He's not interested in talking to you anymore.

    • Lol well if he wasn't interested. Don't you think he would of taken me off his friends list by now? if he wasn't interested in me don't you think he wouldn't of asked about my dreams? Even after I told him my dreams we still continued to talk til over an hr later.

    • Guys aren't emotional like girls, so he's not going to defriend you. And they think before taking any action (positive or negative)