She made it clear that she likes me but she would let me kiss/touch her

There's this girl I met at a bar via mutual friends. We hit it of right from the beginning, we couldn't keep our eyes of each other and we kept smiling at each other. We got talking and it was obvious she likes me. She told me several times that she thinks I am very cute and hot. After a while she let me caress her thight and she even put her leg (the one I was touching) over mine. But the second time we saw each other, I tried to touch her, but she wouldn't let me. Every time I tried to caress her she took my hand and held it so I couldn't touch her body. When I tried to kiss her, she turned her head away. I don't understand why she wouldn't let me show her my affection. She made it very clear that she likes me. What is going on?


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  • agree with yesmylove. She probably was a little drunk when she let you go so far as touching her thigh. She's really not that type, and the second time around, she was in her right mind. Start over.

  • Maybe she doesn't want you to just want her for sex, next time you see her back off a little and show her you like her, but not by touching her but by getting to know her.


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