How do I go about this? ( Girls advice recommended please. )

So here is my situation. There is this girl that I have been on a few dates with and everything worked out. But as the school year was ending I asked her to start dating. She said her parents didn't want her dating in high school and said they weren't happy about the dates we went on. My problem is I still have hope that this can still work out I believe I can convince her parents to let us date. But I need to know a way to let her know I still want a relationship without sounding clingy or desperate. I also would like to know if you think it is best if I just move on.


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  • Definitely try to hang out in groups. Go to her hhouse in a group so the parents won't be on guard Back at school. Let summer session begin!with you, and definitly stay casual over the summer. You'll be in a better positions with her parents by end of summer

  • Wait it out. Hang some more in like a big group of friends so her parents are okay with it. Just see what happens. Maybe by the end of the summer her parents might be cool with dating a guy they know is good for her. Like get on there good side. If she rides with you anywhere bring her back like 10 minutes early stuff like that. Above all just have fun over the summer don't make anything confusing.


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