My friend won't date me because he became friends with the guy I twiced f*cked

So basically we have been flirting around for time like years he knows everything about me. he is a cool guy but last July I was in a bad place ( I need to stop dating rich guys) when my boyfriend ( a law student dumped me because I was not sexual enough.

Anyways I did not know how to deal with it I was young and immature so I got a guy who had a bad reputation and dated him. We had sex twice and then I dumped him because I was using him to get back with my 1st. well he never took me back.

Now this great guy bought a bike and rides around with guy #2 and confessed he is mad about me but he won't date me because his friend use to have sex with me is he wrong for this or not?


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  • i think he is wrong,if he like you then he will definitely date u.


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  • People just have preferences.

  • Yeah, I wouldn't date a girl who has had sex with a friend, relative or coworker of mine. It would just feel weird.


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