Parents call too much.

Literally everyday they text me in the morning when I get to work, want me to text them when I come home from work at night. (This used to be call but I got them to at least resort to texting) Will sometimes call me when they think I'm at lunch - with nothing to talk about. And always want to call/ check in with me when I got so they know when I'm headed home. I understand they get lonely and want to talk, I'm pretty much the only interaction they have since retiring. But jesus I wish they would get a hobby, I'm in my mid 20s! They are driving me nuts!

Has anyone else had this problem? How do you get them to back off without making you feel guilty because they are lonely.


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  • The best way to solve this problem is start answering the phone on your terms. Sure, they will freak out at first, but then they will start to get the pattern and follow it. If they ask why you don't answer, tell them you have work/are busy/have things to do/were out with friends/etc., whatever it may be. They will learn you have your own life and will slowly back off.

    You can also try encouraging them to get out and do stuff. Go to different events around town, etc. Give those a try and let me know how it works.

    • I do that, most of the time I text them one word responses and rarely respond when they call. Then get hurt and try to guilt me into doing what they want.

    • You've got to take control here.

      First, you have to be direct. Tell them you are busy and you will call them when you are done with whatever you are doing.

      And if you don't play their guilt game, then they will quit playing it.


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  • Just flat out tell em to shut their filthy, stinking gobs and buy 25 cats or adopt a retarded kid.

  • They care.


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  • My mom is almost the same way but not as extreme. I've tried not calling her and when she finally called me she said "you can at least say hi". So now I just know that its only because she wants to say hi. Maybe you can call/text them in the morning and say good morning, I'll be at work from __ to ___ and I'll call you when I can. Even though it probably is annoying to give an update every 5 min of your life, if you beat them too it it won't be as annoying. You'll be in control of the situation and it won't be like they're bothering you. Just call them for 2mins, it'll make their day and they'll leave you alone.