First date and now what do I do?

I went on a date with my cousin's best friend who is 28 and I am 22. We saw each other at a bar and then after the night he Facebook messaged and apologized for not saying goodnight. Me and my family have known him for a long time because he is my older brothers age and my cousin's best friend. He wrote in a Facebook message if I was interested in getting a drink or something and he gave me his number. I texted him and we planed a date. So I went on the date and everything was great. He dropped me home and texted me saying "Had a great time. Nice talking with you. Your really sweet. and I said thanks and sorry I was a little nervous and he said ha ha your great, we said goodnight. The date was on Wednesday and technically he texted me Thursday 1am. I would like to see him again for another date. Should I let him contact me and and if not reach out to him in a few days?


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  • "Should I let him contact me and and if not reach out to him in a few days?"

    Yea, pretty much.


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  • don't do anything. if he doesn't contact you just move on. do NOT text or call him if you don't hear from him.