Friends mad at me for dating ex help ?

So I'm datingmy friends ex ... they only dated for 2 days and she was so upset .. I mean I get she was upset and all but .. she takes it all out on me now ... here's the story he used her to get closer to me ... and she found that out when he broke up with her .. but here's the thing he asked me out the same day they broke up ... I secretly liked him cause my friend talked about him so much and I liked him scince last year ... she's dating one of my old ex boyfriends and she says there's no reason for me to be mad at her .. and really I'm overhim were just like really good best friends ... but here's the deal he broke up with me while we went on a date luckily his friends were there to comfort me but a couple hours later he called me to say he was sorry and then once he heard I wasn't upset he asked me out again and I said yes .. I wasn't upset cause I knew he wasn't done with me .. but he says I'm out of his league ... like what does he mean ... he's popilar too ... and every one at school wants to date him .. but I need to know what to say to my friend when she makes fun of him and stuff and she's really not being nice and I'm supporting her and her boyfriend and she says she's supporting me and my boyfriend but she's making fun of him and jokes about him and I told her to stop but she's not listening what do I do email me at for more advice .. Thanks


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  • Of course, getting back with an ex will get you bad looks.


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  • Are you sure you are friends ? I mean trying to be mean, but if there were a friends code "you shall not date your friends ex" will be the first article.

    By my personal standart she has the right to be mad at you,she sounds like she has unresolved feeling toward her ex but since she dating your ex I guess she has no reason to be mad at you for doing the exact same thing. Still its very wrong.