Is it normal for athletes to stop communicating during a competition?

I have been seeing this guy off and on. We both like each other and we are in the process of getting to know each other. He is into crossfit. He doesn't tell me much details about it. When I text him he would respond almost immediately at times but this past weekend he didn't answer my text when I asked how is his weekend going. Now he didn't tell me he was practicing this weekend but I know he practice a lot and he's a crossfit junkie. I didn't make a big deal out of it but he has not communicated at all this weekend. I am slowly learning that when he is focused on work and crossfit he gets distant. I am not taking it personal but sometimes it make me wonder does he even care that I am trying to support him. Is that normal for an athlete to stop communicating when they are trying to prepare for a big event?


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  • For me it's normal to get wrapped up in a training camp. I train 7 days a week before a fight and sleep soon as I get home. Just tell him how you feel about the no contact I wouldn't notice unless it was brought up to me

  • It's quite normal.


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