How do I get this guy to realize that I am not interested?

I had two classes with this guy this past semester and only like one actual conversation. He got my number for a study group that never happened and then, near the end of the semester, randomly text me around 10pm, "Lets just get together and go from there." REALLY hoping that he meant we should go do our extra credit assignment at the marsh together or something equally innocent, I responded with a question mark. To which he responded "I'd like for us to meet after class tomorrow any go in the community park." I did not respond. A communication-less week later the semester was done yet, despite us probably being hundreds of miles away from each other, he has in the month since called me twice and text me twice. I have not picked up nor responded. Why is he still bothering me? Should I persist in ignoring him until he gets the message or should I say something?

P.S. I'm not trying to be mean or anything. He's just not my type. He's...older and dreadlocked and not that smart and another girl in the class says that she had similar problems when he figured out her school email...


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  • Just be honest, that's the best way to deal with problems and not ignore them.

    Be advised though. I had the same issue with a girl "not being interested" and ignoring me and being all "duh, don't you get it" and well, now things changed and she is trying to be all friendly and "funny" but now I'm the one not paying attention to her and, in her own words, I'm being a jerk.

    Not saying that may happen to you but just in case it happens, let's put hypocrisy aside and not call people jerks, its a little unfair :D.

    • I never called anyone a jerk. Specifically said that I'm not trying to be mean; he's just not my type. And never will be. And from what the other girl he spammed interest at said, "no" didn't really get her anywhere


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  • Simply tell him.


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  • from what I can tell. he probably just has a lot of girls numbers and just texts them randomly hoping one will respond or be interested. he doesn't seem to put in any special effort in with you for you to assume he is interested in you for a relationship per se. so I think he just wants to hook up or have some fun. I suggest unless you need his number for something just delete it and ignore him when he messages u. you may think oh but ignoring him is so mean. sometimes you have to be cruel to be nice. texting abck to him will only make him think you are interested when you are actually not. that is being cruel. plus if he was not interested in something from you do you think he would reply if you messaged him just to be nice. I don't think so. if you are not interested don't over think it just ignore him. he will get the picture sooner or later.