Defiantly kiss by the second date?

I went on one date with this girl and I know she interested in me and I really like her. The date went well and we had fun and I could tell she was nervous so I decided not to kiss her at the end cause I feared it could have turned out really awkward and bad :P we are going on a movie date in the next week or so and I wanted to know if I should kiss her for sure this time, seal the deal if you will. Also I drop her off at her house in my car so how do I go about kissing her?


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  • When you drop her off you could open her door for her and maybe tell her you had a great time and go for the kiss. You could also walk her to her door and try the same thing. If it seems like she's nervous and you're not sure if she's ready to kiss you could ask her if you could. it doesn't hurt plus it's really sweet and gives her a choice.

    • I just find it odd to leave my car and walk her to her door. We are also friends at school so It's just an odd scenario for me to work out in my head.

    • If it seems odd maybe try the other approach, whatever you're most comfortable with.


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  • Check and see if she's nervous before you go for the kiss.

    • I think we are both going to her nervous regardless of the situation.

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  • Yeah you should kiss her!

    Make sure you are touching her when you kiss her, like holding her hands or head.

    During the movie I recommend holding her hand. She may lean her head on your shoulder, if she does this it means she's comfortable and likes you. So you may look at her when her head is leaned towards you and go for a kiss during the movie. Let her look back though. If you don't want to kiss during the movie you can kiss her on the way out of your car, BUT its better to walk her to her door and kiss her there. Or you can get out, kiss her, walk to the door, and walk back to the car. Good luck man!