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First kiss: feelings?

Alright, guys and gals. When you guys had your first kiss, what feelings did you have about it beforehand? Nervous? Scared? Both? Neither? Comment... Show More

just now realized I made a typo in the question...FIRST, NOT FIRDT. My keyboard sucks...

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  • Well, I have two first kisses. My first "first kiss" was for a high school play. I was nervous (and a little bummed that my first kiss wasn't remotely romantic) and it was pretty awkward. I wasn't attracted to this guy at all, and he smelled bad which helped nothing.

    I had what I consider my real "first kiss" four and a half years later. I really liked the guy and had definitely imagined situations in which he might kiss me, but that was mostly just fantasy. When we went on our first date, I could tell he really wanted to kiss me a few times but wussed out (I also considered kissing him a few times but was also too much of a wuss). Finally, I realized how late it was getting and figured I should get home so my parents wouldn't worry. He opened the car door for me when we got back to my house and he kinda blocked my way so I couldn't get to the front door. At this point I was such a nervous wreck I was essentially panicking (I wasn't good at the whole physical affection thing), so I stood up on my tiptoes and gave him a kiss that probably lasted a total of .025 seconds and then ran inside before he probably even realized what had happened. In hindsight, it was really awkward how nervous I got about it.

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  • I was nervous out of my mind beforehand haha. I was a freshman in high school and I was going on a first date with a guy from my school. He had told me in advance that he was going to kiss me, so of course I freaked out.

    When the time came, it ended up being rather disappointing. There was no romance or anything special like that. It was just him nervously asking during the movie, "So, you wanna, uh, do that thing we talked about?" And then we had an awkward, shaky, open-mouth kiss.

    But, meh. Life goes on. :) I've gotten much better at kissing since then.

  • It was fun and unexpected..just a peck. I became nervous after considering what occurred.

  • My 1st kiss was painful,weird I know.I felt a funny tingling sensation at 1st and then later felt as if my lips had swelled.I was really calm though so much that up to date my boyfriend finds it hard to believe it was my 1st.

  • My first kiss was full on french kiss. Don't think the guy knew it was my first kiss since I was nearly 24 (late bloomer). Anyways, at first I was like "is this how it's supposed to go?" then I was like "oh damn this is nice, let's keep doing it!". He was the best kisser to date actually, not sure if it was my first so I had nothing to compare. But all the others after were not as good.

  • Haha.. I was on a summer holiday in Norway and went to a party.. I started to leave in the morning and this guy comes to send me.. I knew about right away what was going to happen, he leaned over me, saying he wants to be my teacher (lol) and it was very slobbery cause probably because of the alcohol and maybe some cigarettes. But I'll remember that forever. It was almost perfect.

  • Luckily I got to kiss my best guy friend so it was more like practice, but it was still my first kiss so I was pretty nervous. Just take it slow, some girls feel special knowing that their a guys first kiss, and if she's knows this she will most likely understand everything that you're going through (nervousness, awkwardness... etc) :)

  • before hand I was nervous and it feltlike if I spoke too much, then I wouldve gotten sick. but after we did, all I felt was butterflies and I felt stupid afterward for being so nervous.

  • It was like wow, didn't think that you would do that. I knew he liked me and I liked him back too. It was new years eve so we had a new years kiss. Then he hugged me. We stood there and then he asked me to be his girlfriend. That isn't my first kiss, but it was my first kiss with that guy. My actual first kiss was a dare... Not a very romantic or memorable in a good way thing...

    • Hmm.. yeah, no one's daring me to do this, I'm trying to take things slow with this girl, turns out she had a crush on me since freshman year, and I'm going into my junior year this upcoming school year. She's STILL crushing on me, too, I'm hoping my first kiss with her is a special one...

    • Well, just make sure nobody else is there that would care, have a great breath, and don't use the tongue for the first one... unless you're ilke really daring or something. I know I wouldn't find it enjoyable on the first kiss... . :) I hope that It works out for you!

  • I was afraid of being kissed. I didn't kiss my first boyfriend until a month after we were dating. I got butterflies, but to be honest, I didn't feel what I should have felt. I guess that's why we didn't last very long (2 1/2 months :P)

  • I was getting nervous and anxious and wanted my boyfriend to kiss me already and get it over with, so I went in for it before he did. I could feel our hearts beating so hard and fast and I even put a little bit of tongue in because I had no idea what to do other than just sit there. It didn't last long but the moment felt like it went on forever. and afterward we just sat there speechless and breathing and didn't look at each other. But for me, it was love at first kiss because that was 4 years ago and I'm still with him :P Good luck!

  • When I had my first kiss, it was amazing and I still remember it to this day. While most I suppose wouldn't kiss that deeply, mine turned out to be a full make-out session with tongue involved. Me & the guy were really close and it was really passionate because we'd both been good friends and just decided to become something more. It's a magical experience.

  • I was super nervous, but he took charge and everything went smotthly, I think I was just over thinkng it instead of letting go and trying to relax

  • I was nervous lol. I knew what to do, but didn't. When it actually happened, I wasn't nervous. It wasn't a good first kiss tho, the ones after then were. The guy kissed like a fish and his teeth kept clinking against mine. He had an overbite :/

  • before I was really nervous, while I was being kissed I thought "oh this is how it feels like"

    dont worry about it

  • I was basically jumping out of my skin. I was so nervous. And then when it was happening I didn't know what I was doing.

  • my first kiss felt weird and I use to think that that was how kissing was suppose to feel. I didn't like it but the more I kissed, the better it became. now, I love it of course. I was somewhat nervous but just really anxious to get my first kiss.

    as for u, just relax and don't try to overdo it since it's your first kiss.the reason I'm saying don't overdo it is because this guy who said I was his first kiss tried to swallow my face. He was just doing too much. but anyways it's nothing to be scared about. the more into the person you are, the better the kiss. (well for most people)

    make sure your breath smells good! I'm not gonna give you tips cause I don't want you to think its this huge complicated thing that needs challenging steps or anything so just enjoy the moment :)

    hope you enjoy your first kiss and don't forget it only gets better ;)

    • Thanks for the advice. :) I'll be sure to remember it.

  • My first kiss was when I was 17, close to 18. I spent the last three hours hanging out with a guy and at the end of the night he walked me to my car and kissed me. Having never been kissed before, it was shocking and it was kinda awkward considering it was a spur of the moment thing I guess. But I couldn't stop smiling afterwards.

  • I was 11. He was 14 I think but I was a good foot taller than him. I never met him before. He just came up to me while I was on the swings in the middle of the night and asked me for a shift. I felt somewhere between curious and f*** it why not. It felt wet, messy and pretty gross but it didn't matter. I was now Experienced and that made me the sh*t. I told him to feck off after 5 minutes cause I'd had my fun.

    I should live my adult life more like this.

  • Well my first kiss sucked so the there were no good feelings! :(

    It wasn't special at all :/ It was my fault tho. I asked for a picture of us kissing and that became our first kiss. I wish it could've been more romantic. Since tht was the way I had my first kiss I wasn't nervous or scared or anything before hand. But I bet if it would've happened the right way, I would've been nervous but excited.

  • Surprised.

    He literally walked into my room, climbed on my bed, and planted one on me. No words, no flirting, no nothing. I shoved pulled away because I wasn't really into the kid honestly, and he wanted to go further and I was scared because I was a virgin :P

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