First kiss: feelings?

Alright, guys and gals. When you guys had your first kiss, what feelings did you have about it beforehand? Nervous? Scared? Both? Neither? Comment away! by the way I haven't yet kissed anyone yet, and I'm freaking out. Talking with this girl who might be interested in me...

just now realized I made a typo in the question...FIRST, NOT FIRDT. My keyboard sucks...


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  • Well, I have two first kisses. My first "first kiss" was for a high school play. I was nervous (and a little bummed that my first kiss wasn't remotely romantic) and it was pretty awkward. I wasn't attracted to this guy at all, and he smelled bad which helped nothing.

    I had what I consider my real "first kiss" four and a half years later. I really liked the guy and had definitely imagined situations in which he might kiss me, but that was mostly just fantasy. When we went on our first date, I could tell he really wanted to kiss me a few times but wussed out (I also considered kissing him a few times but was also too much of a wuss). Finally, I realized how late it was getting and figured I should get home so my parents wouldn't worry. He opened the car door for me when we got back to my house and he kinda blocked my way so I couldn't get to the front door. At this point I was such a nervous wreck I was essentially panicking (I wasn't good at the whole physical affection thing), so I stood up on my tiptoes and gave him a kiss that probably lasted a total of .025 seconds and then ran inside before he probably even realized what had happened. In hindsight, it was really awkward how nervous I got about it.


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  • I was nervous out of my mind beforehand haha. I was a freshman in high school and I was going on a first date with a guy from my school. He had told me in advance that he was going to kiss me, so of course I freaked out.

    When the time came, it ended up being rather disappointing. There was no romance or anything special like that. It was just him nervously asking during the movie, "So, you wanna, uh, do that thing we talked about?" And then we had an awkward, shaky, open-mouth kiss.

    But, meh. Life goes on. :) I've gotten much better at kissing since then.

  • before I was really nervous, while I was being kissed I thought "oh this is how it feels like"

    dont worry about it

  • I was super nervous, but he took charge and everything went smotthly, I think I was just over thinkng it instead of letting go and trying to relax

  • It was fun and unexpected..just a peck. I became nervous after considering what occurred.

  • My 1st kiss was painful,weird I know.I felt a funny tingling sensation at 1st and then later felt as if my lips had swelled.I was really calm though so much that up to date my boyfriend finds it hard to believe it was my 1st.

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