First kiss: feelings?

Alright, guys and gals. When you guys had your first kiss, what feelings did you have about it beforehand? Nervous? Scared? Both? Neither? Comment away! by the way I haven't yet kissed anyone yet, and I'm freaking out. Talking with this girl who might be interested in me...

just now realized I made a typo in the question...FIRST, NOT FIRDT. My keyboard sucks...


Most Helpful Girl

  • Well, I have two first kisses. My first "first kiss" was for a high school play. I was nervous (and a little bummed that my first kiss wasn't remotely romantic) and it was pretty awkward. I wasn't attracted to this guy at all, and he smelled bad which helped nothing.

    I had what I consider my real "first kiss" four and a half years later. I really liked the guy and had definitely imagined situations in which he might kiss me, but that was mostly just fantasy. When we went on our first date, I could tell he really wanted to kiss me a few times but wussed out (I also considered kissing him a few times but was also too much of a wuss). Finally, I realized how late it was getting and figured I should get home so my parents wouldn't worry. He opened the car door for me when we got back to my house and he kinda blocked my way so I couldn't get to the front door. At this point I was such a nervous wreck I was essentially panicking (I wasn't good at the whole physical affection thing), so I stood up on my tiptoes and gave him a kiss that probably lasted a total of .025 seconds and then ran inside before he probably even realized what had happened. In hindsight, it was really awkward how nervous I got about it.