Should I reply or just move on?

Met a guy online:

I met a guy online a few months ago, he was literally the only one I had interest in meeting. We've been on a fair few dates now and from starting off as unsure about him I've grown to really like him. Although the dates have been great, there haven't been that many and communication in between has been pretty minimal. The more I started to like him the more this got to me. I assumed that perhaps he was seeing other people (I kept meaning to ask him in person, but always chickened out). Anyway, I text him the other day just to say that it seemed pretty obvious things weren't really going anywhere and that I wasn't really looking for something as casual as this. He replied and apologized if he had upset me, that actually he had been quite depressed these last few months and really struggling with himself. He said he'd been loyal to me but knew that he hadn't been there and that his family say the same. He proceeded to say that he thought I was a really wonderful girl but he didn't think he was in the right place to give me what I deserved.

Do I reply? Or do I just cut this off? I don't think it's an elaborate blow off and I do believe him. It makes sense when I think back on things. I really like but don't see any other choice but to walk away :(

Thank you!


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  • well leave the possibility for future dates open with him...but you should definitely move on. One that has no self confidence or does not love themselves cannot love another

    • Thanks! I replied and said thank you for being honest and that I was sorry to hear about how he was feeling. I left it open by saying I hoped things would sort themselves out and that he would feel in a better place soon and perhaps after his exams (he had some big exams over the next couple of months) there would be less pressure. I've not had a response as of yet. Trying to move on now.

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  • You should just move on, and explore other options


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  • Yeah, reply to him. Tell him that you understand and believe him. If you like him you owe it to him, he was pretty honest with you.