Is he saying I need to plan stuff?

he works, I work. we've seen each other like 4 times in this month we've been talking. I would make more time for him if he would plan for it. I saw him a week ago. which was planned in advanced. when he picked me he mentioned it had been a while since he saw me. didn't really tell me why except that his work should be calmed down in the next weeks. he also invitied me to come out with him for his birthday 2 weeks from then. earlier this week I invited out for drinks with my friends. he was out of town but said he would text me as soon as he was back. at 11 he texted me if I was still out. I was driving home so I just didn't answer him. the next morning I texted him and said I fell asleep. he said he was bummed he couldn't come and I just said there's always next time. he said we needed to hangout again and I told him to let me know and I will make time for it if I can. so then he tells me, "haha same here. I don't know when" I told him my schedule for the next few weeks since I'm working less during the summer. he said he was going to be on call next week so he should slow down. I again told him he can call whenever he is free and see if I am if not I'll see him for his birthday in 2 weeks. he said next week should be good it won't be that long. I feel like I am less busy than him. sometimes I get an evening free and feel like texting him for a late dinner or just hang out but I don't want to do all the work if he is just not interested. I know if I texted him at like 8 on a week night he would come right over and pick me up, but I want to go on real dates so I don't do that. do I just need to be patient and see if he comes around? I know I should let him chase me so its probably a bad idea for me to make the dates (ive done it once with him just to make sure he knew I was interested)


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  • It seems like he wants you to take charge and make the decisions.I agree you can't do all the work and you shouldn't be planning out all of the dates or even meeting up.I feel he has to try to.An your right hanging out in the house can get boring and I think you deserve to go on real dates. Maybe he could be on a budget and stuff. I know he is going to want to see you on his birthday. Hopefully you and him can work things out to hang out more. I know it's hard with a busy work scedule.

  • Just be patient. All your worries will be taken away by tehn


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