Am I doomed? What are dating rules for 2013?

I met this really hot guy online and we went on 2 dates. After the second date, we went in the hot tub, and naturally it led to sex. Not at first, but I thought about it, and I what like "what the hell, have a little fun." Is that bad? Like, do I still have a chance at having a relationship with him, or should I just move on to the next guy? He's younger than me. But, he's also been married before. So, it's kind of a complicated issue. He still talks to me and we have a 3rd date set up.


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  • First, there are no 'rules'.

    Second, having sex fast doesn't drive guys away. What drives guys away is lack of personality, lack of intelligence, or clinginess. Some girls try to maeke up for lack of intelligence or lack of personality by having sex fast, and that's where this myth has come from that having sex fast drives a guy away. But girls like that would drive guys away even faster if they didn't give them sex.

    Many of my female friends have sex very fast. But they're able to keep their guys.


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  • You have a third date, that's already a good sign. Try not to over-think this. If you are that worried that the sex you had might be moving too fast, then try slowing it down, and see how he responds to that. If he's a half decent guy, it will be alright. If not, then it was always physical anyway. Don't let it be complicated when it doesn't have to be. Just treat his last marraige like it was just another girlfriend in the past. Treat it as just that. The past.

    You should be alright.

  • The dating rules are still the same with that of the 1960s. Only the environment has changed.

    • He didn't talk to me for 3 weeks, then he came back. What's the deal with that?

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  • I think it's more about knowing what he wants, too. It's too early to tell. Enjoy the time with him, while it lasts.

    I think, a few more dates with him would probably answer your question for real, if he can honestly discuss it with you.