your thoughts needed!! is it a good idea to wait for her to come to me?

Me and my crush text almost everyday, we were friends before we started going out on dates so we talk a lot to each other and flirt back and forth or tell funny stories and what not. I feel like I might just be bugging her all the time cause we text so much, there's no particular reason why I feel this way, she responds in a way to keep that conversation going, we'll still be texting into the morning, she seems like she genuinely interested when we text. But I want to try taking a little break this weekend and not text her and see if she texts me first, I know it might sound stupid and weird but I just wanna use a it as a test to see if she actually likes talking to me and isn't annoyed by it. Does this sound like a good idea? Or do you think it will end up backfiring? I ddo hear a lot from girls that they hate texting a guy first cause they feel like they're bugging you. What are your thoughts?


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  • It's not unusual that you feel like you're bugging her. She's probably worried that she's bugging you keeping the conversation's just normal to be self conscious about that when you like someone.

    How long have you been dating? How long were you friends before you started dating? Did you text a lot when you were friends?

    "Testing" someone you like could very well be a bad idea. Speaking from the girls' perspective, if you've been friends and started dating and she gets texts from you almost daily, if you just stop texting to see if she'll initiate, she could very well think you're not interested anymore.

    My advice? If you're actively going on dates with this girl and she still is responding to your texts for days on end, she's into you. There's no need to play games, even if it would just be for your own reassurance.

    • We've been on one date so far and that was last Friday (a week ago) and we are going on another date which we just planned next Friday. I just don't want to turn her off of me by seeming needy or like she won't ever get a break from me. We were friends for maybe 5 months prior to going out. The reason why we became friends is because I liked her and one of our mutual friends said she's interested in knowing me. She was going through a rough time for a while which is why we took so long to date

    • I wouldn't worry about it. If she planned another date with you, she's surely interested. There wouldn't be a need to plan a second date if she wasn't.


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  • you are not bugging her because if you are bugging her she will not reply to you. she enjoys talking to you too. if you try not to contact her she can think of too many things. because most of the time girls do over-analyze things. she might think you are being cold. or, other crazy things.. just be yourself. :)

    girls don't like it when they have to be the one to contact the guy because it makes us feel like we are bugging a guy or we are desperate.

  • It's true that a lot of girls hate texting a guy first because we're afraid that we'll seem desperate. Just ask her if she's getting bugged by you guys texting each other a lot. Chances are she's not, because, like you said, she seems genuinely interested when you guys text. It's not a good idea to wait for her, because she will be waiting for you and she'll get worried that you lost interest if you back away.

    • I get that yea, but I just don't want her to feel suffocated by me or anything. I really like her and don't want to mess anything up

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  • You just need to straight up ask her what her biz is otherwise you're not going to get much of anywhere.