What to do when someone is ignoring you?

So I've had this rocky past with a girl I know from the internet. It's a really long complicated story that I don't feel like telling but pretty much I tried to fix the awkwardness between us and apologized for everything that I might of done wrong. So we continued to talk and she would take hours to respond to my text messages and then I sent her 4 text messages and she never responded. Let it be known that this isn't the first time she's just left my messages hanging. So pretty much I took it as she doesn't want to talk to me and that I wasn't going to try to talk to her anymore. If she wants to talk to me she can hit me up and put some effort forth. With that being said we haven't talked in 23 days and even though we didn't talk she would like my photos but I wouldn't like hers and I think she notices now that I don't like hers anymore and has started to do the same thing back to me but every so often she'll like something of mine but I know for a fact she's ignoring a lot of them because I sometimes post things I know she likes. She also accepted my request to twitter so I know for a fact that she's not totally avoiding me, but why won't she talk to me and why does she think it's fair to ignore all of my stuff now? Is she playing games? I just want to be able to talk to her again but I really don't think I should put the effort into especially when I have reached out a bunch of times and apologized for stuff pretty much that isn't really my fault. So what do I do?


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  • it seems like she is playing games, I would leave it at that and let her talk to me, you´ve tried to talk to her and she hasn't been responsive so just let her do some effort

    • That's exactly what my friends were telling me. I know for a fact I've done nothing wrong to her if anything I've done a lot of good to her. It just sucks that we had a good thing going for a while and when I told her how I truly felt about her it's like our whole relationship or friendship if you can say took a total 360. Just some background information is she got out of a 5 year relationship just about a year ago and within that she hasn't dated anyone so I think personally she's not totally

    • Over her ex and also within the time I knew her she suddenly stopped talking to me for a week because she was into another guy but as soon as he blew her off she instantly hits me up saying how much she misses me and what not. Which I don't think it was fair at all to me and this was before I told her how I felt. I just wished things didn't end up the way they are going right now. I wished I could explain to you our whole past to give you a better concept of what kind of person I am dealing with

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  • Ignore them as well.