We have stopped going on dates... but am I overreacting?

To save y'all a long sob story, here are the facts. My boyfriend of 2 years and I are In a long distance relationship. We are both full time students. I have a job, he doesn't. He is also the one who is off at college, so when he comes home to visit most of our time is spent with his family. We spend quite a lot of time together when he is home, and just got back from vacation with my family. BUT, it has been over 3 months since our last date... which was he paid for dinner before a concert I bought tickets for. (And this was Valentine's day.) So basically, should I be concerned about our lack of dates? Am I overreacting? How should I handle it? I completely understand his lack of money and essentially time, but I'm not asking for a 5 star meal, just a fun, romantic evening together.


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  • Yes, you're overreacting.


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  • If you're concerned about the lack of dates, then you shouldn't be afraid to tell your boyfriend of 2 years that. No, I don't think you should be concerned about the lack of dates. First off, you're in a long distance relationship. Also, when you do see each other, you guys are maybe only together for a couple weeks only a few months out of the year? Seems difficult to me to schedule dates every time if most time is spent with his family. All you should do is explain your concerns and how you want to do more fun things together while you see each other :)