I miss my ex for weird reasons?

I dated an older guy and he gave me an emotional support that I never got from my dad. The main reason I miss the guy is that now I don't have an older man in my life to talk to because having him made me feel better. I miss kissing him and all too because I enjoyed that a lot but sometimes I just wish I could have him in my life again to talk to even if I couldn't date him anymore. Is this unusual?

He did not support me financially. He paid on dates but that's it.


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  • Not at all. I miss some women as well, not because of the sexual part of our relationship, but because of their insight, their courage, their embracing of life in ways I couldn't totally understand..all these things are what we call love, and we often look to parental figures if we didn't have that from our own parents.


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  • Don't ever go back to your ex.


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  • No it is not unusual to miss your ex. You stated that he also posed to you as a father figure,he probably gave you advice when you needed and supported you financially. I do not know however, the cause of your breakup but if he made you feel like you couldn't do without him, or always wanted you to bend the rules for him without appreciating much, then maybe it was best to end. I must say: If dating older men is your thing and you feel comfortable around them, don't let anybody make you feel you're doing something wrong. There are other men out there, who would love to be with you. You just have to keep your mind open and your head open too, so that nobody take advantage of you. There's no wrong in calling your ex and asking to see him, just be sure where to draw the line so you don't end up starting allover with him again, for the wrong reasons.

    • I wasn't dependent on him really because I wasn't living with him and he wasn't paying for anything I own or anything like that. I wouldn't do that with a guy unless we got married. But I used to always talk to him about stuff that I couldn't with a younger guy or my own dad. And he had a special place in my heart. But he doesn't want me back and I'm lonely now scared I would make a mistake with him if I saw him. He might not want me anyway.